Independence University est.1891

Independence University has offered online or distance education for the past 37 years, but our legacy of student success dates back as far as 1891. Learn more about IU and discover how education online can lead to a better life offline. View School | Request More Information
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Strayer University est.1892

A quality education should be available to anyone who wants it, and we’re 100% committed to doing all we can to make that a reality—for you. Make no mistake. YOU will be doing the work, the hard work. But it will be worth it. Strayer University will be here to help, because we know what it means to learn as a working adult. We’ve identified what makes a degree—and the experience of earning it—truly meaningful. View School Profile | Request More Information
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Capella University est.1993

An accredited online university, Capella University offers bachelor’s, master’s/MBA, doctoral, and certificate programs designed to take you to the forefront of your profession. Our competency-based curriculum delivers both foundational knowledge and real-world skills, so that what you’re learning in your courses is immediately applicable to your career goals.
Capella's degree programs are designed around external, professional standards to ensure that you gain the skills and knowledge you need to reach the top of your field. We continually review and adapt our programs to deliver the competencies you can use immediately—taking practical solutions directly from your courses into the workplace. Respected programs that move you forward Organizations around the world have acknowledged Capella's commitment to quality education with accreditations, state approvals, certifications, awards, and recognitions and designations. Right now, more than 35,000 students—from all 50 states and more than 61 countries around the world—are expanding their opportunities with Capella programs. FlexPath: A New way to earn your degree Earn a degree that delivers the skills and knowledge for long-term career success—in a more efficient, flexible way. You’ll earn the same respected degree, but through a personalized, self-paced learning approach that can help accelerate your professional success. Capella University is one of the first to offer this innovative new way to earn your bachelor’s or master's degree. View School Profile | Request More Information
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Liberty University est.1971

Liberty University Among the first - and the best Pioneering distance education since 1985, Liberty University is now the nation's fifth largest university and one of the nation's largest nonprofit educators. Currently, Liberty has some of the highest retention and graduation rates of any leading online university. Supported by a residential campus Established in 1971, Liberty has maintained the mission of Training Champions for Christ and continually nurtures an environment of academic excellence, technological innovation, and commitment to Christian values. As an extension of Liberty's Lynchburg, Va.-based campus, online courses allow students to enjoy the same quality course offerings as Liberty's residential students, but with additional flexibility. Career-ready degrees Liberty University offers more than 450 residential and online programs of study - from the certificate to postgraduate level - in the areas the market demands most, including business, education, nursing, psychology, counseling, criminal justice, and religion. Christian Foundation All courses are taught from a Christian worldview by professors who regard teaching as more than a job - it's their calling.As a leader in Christian education, Liberty University's thriving spiritual environment mobilizes students to impact the world for Christ. More affordable Liberty University's tuition rates are among the lowest at universities offering online programs. Consistently rated as one of the top distance educators in the nation, and known for its affordability and exceptional student support, Liberty maintains high student satisfaction as well as high retention and graduation rates. View School Profile | Request More Information
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Walden University est.1970

Walden University offers business and management degrees for dedicated professionals like you. Get more from your degree program - more knowledge, more opportunities, more for your money.

Perhaps most important, Walden’s business and management degrees incorporate social impact management concepts. This means you will gain the knowledge and insights critical to success in contemporary business management, where public pressure for corporations to address pressing social and environmental concerns is increasingly apparent. Walden uniquely prepares you to face those challenges.

An accredited online university, Walden first served the unique needs of working doctoral students four decades ago. Our doctoral experience features a unique blend of theory, research, and practical application to help you make an immediate and significant change in your life and in the lives of others. View School Profile | Request More Information
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